The searches are fairly self-evident. You may search for one or two keywords. In the latter case, you may have the logical functions AND, OR or AND+NOT between the two.

For special letters or combinations of letters, use the symbols '?' (one free character) or '*' (free string). Examples using the AUTHOR field:
M?ller (59 hits) (Muller, Müller, Miller, Möller, Møller,.. but not Mueller)
M*ller (93 hits) (those above, plus Mueller)
M*ller AND NOT Miller (73 hits, best alternative).

You may search for isolated words but not for strings. To look for Y-F Zhao, eliminating other Zhao:s, use AUTHOR Zhao AND AUTHOR Y-F (12 hits).

A search for ANY gold will give papers on gold or its compounds and papers in Gold Bulletin (116 hits). A search for TITLE gold* finds 118 hits on gold or its compounds.

An efficient way to search for data on a given element, such as gold, is to combine a case-specific (so far two-letter) chemical symbol and a name: [case specific] TITLE Au OR TITLE gold.

The answers are given in the BibTex format.

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This service was initiated by CSC - The Finnish IT Centre for Science Ltd and it was developed by Petteri Uotila.
The search routines are based on biblook-program by Jeff Erikson and Bill Jones